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ガイドワイア ソフトウェア ジャパン株式会社 (Guidewire Software Japan K.K.)



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  • 開発エンジニア(パッケージソフト)



Brief Description:
We are seeking a Project Manager/Consultant who is interested in working on a small team of senior level consultants to implement our software at Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers.

We are seeking a Consultant to work on our small team of senior level consultants to implement our software at Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers.

The Guidewire Professional Services organization includes business analysts, functional consultants, and technical integration consultants who work together to implement Guidewire applications at customer sites. Our projects are complex and can last from three months to two years depending on the specific customer requirements. During a project, the team will identify customer business requirements, identify solutions leveraging OOTB capabilities coupled with configuration to meet those requirements, and integrate the Guidewire application to other internal or external systems.

Guidewire consultants are expected to spend the majority of their time on site with the client business and technical teams. This is primarily a Japan based role but there may be an opportunity to work in other regions that Guidewire operates in.

Guidewire applications are highly configurable to the requirements of each client, and require a thorough understanding of the objectives and requirements of the client. Key activities for consultants include:

Ability to lead workshops to gather requirements and business needs and provide solution recommendations to the customer
Ability to work independently and effectively with customers on projects
Ability to promote and advocate Guidewire best practices with customers
Partnering with client business teams to understand business objectives and integration requirements
Developing an overall configuration approach for the client
Producing requirement and functional design documents
Estimating the effort required to configure the environment
Configuring the Guidewire products to solve customer business challenges
Working with Guidewire Product management to share configuration concepts and further develop our core product features
Identifying opportunities to meet customer business objectives using business logic and configuring Guidewire applications to meet those objectives
Planning integration testing and user acceptance testing of customer solutions
Supporting execution of integration tests, including monitoring software incidents and communicating software issues to Guidewire engineering

These roles represent Guidewire Software to our customer. The successful consultant is expected to closely with our customers while making sure that Guidewire product management is kept abreast of product strengths and weaknesses. The position requires a unique blend of technical aptitude, business process understanding, and customer-facing skills.

Individuals that join the Guidewire consulting career path are not expected to be experts in all aspects of consulting. All consultants are required to have software configuration skills and a proven track record of consulting skills in order to be successful.

At senior levels, Implementation Architects focus on either the project management track or the integration track. Those on the Project Management track must have project management skills and experience in addition to strong configuration skills. Those on the integration track must be experts in configuration and systems integration skills.

Guidewire employs a flexible travel model that requires consultants to be on site four days per week and away from home three nights per week for those consultants that need to travel to a customer site. Locally based consultants are expected to work onsite 5 days a week whereas traveling consultants work the fifth day from their home office.


Required skills/experience:

Professional consulting experience or equivalent insurance business experience (minimum of 5 years)
At least two years' experience as a Project Manager for Project Management track
Understanding of software development methodologies
Experience establishing an overall project plan and monitoring delivery against the plan
Experience in managing client relationships, such as executing a Statement of Work
Experience in engineering business process flows
Strong oral and written communication skills
Demonstrated ability to lead client discussions and navigate client situations
Strong organization skills and ability to manage/lead projects and workshops
Ability to self-organize and work independently as part of a small, elite team working closely with large customer/SI teams
Demonstrated ability to work with clients
Experience distilling complex business issues into concise requirements statements
Demonstrated ability to design, configure, and test software products
Technical skills to master application configuration: modifying XML definitions, scripting (JavaScript, VB, etc.), understanding of relational database concepts, and other skills involved with implementing an advanced web application
Flexible, enthusiastic approach to work including a strong desire to learn a new product and a new business domain

Desired skills/experience:

Background as a Systems Analyst/Technical Consultant working with Fortune 500 customers
Prior business process and configuration experience with configurable software such as Oracle Applications or SAP.
Experience with n-tier web architected solutions
Knowledge of policy, billing, or claim processes within an insurance company.











Why Guidewire?

As a team, our mission is to provide distinguished consulting and support services to prospects, partners, and customers which result in 100 percent reference-able customers which guides us in all that we do.

Guidewire has pursued one mission from its founding as a company in 2001: to be the pre-eminent provider of next-generation core systems — policy, claims, and billing — to the global property-casualty (general) industry. All of our employees understand that we serve only one industry and strive to solve one problem: to enable insurance carriers to migrate completely from legacy systems to a modern core system platform. The company is headquartered in Foster City, California, US with offices in London, Paris, Munich, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dublin. Guidewire is publicly traded on NYSE under symbol: GWRE

Guidewire was named #2 in Business Insider’s 25 Best Tech Companies to work for in 2013 and #6 Best Places to Work in 2013 based on employee reviews on Glassdoor.



ガイドワイア ソフトウェア ジャパン株式会社 (Guidewire Software Japan K.K.)






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