Solution Engineer

アカマイ・テクノロジーズ合同会社 (Akamai Technologies GK)



  • プリセールス、セールスエンジニア



About the Job
Solutions Engineer (SE) must possess the highest levels of both business and technical acumen – being able to understand the details of Akamai’s complex technology and to clearly articulate this understanding to prospective customers. Solutions Engineers (SEs) use their Internet expertise to evangelize Akamai's technology to prospective customers, and to drive new product and service offerings. The Solutions Engineer is distinguished by the ability to take on the most demanding business and technical challenges.

About the Team
The Services Team, of which the Solutions Engineering team is part of, is a critical component in the larger Akamai team. They own the technical solutions and drive business deals and customers from a technical perspective. Each Solutions Engineer is known within the organization for being technical gurus and someone the Sales teams rely heavily on. The team culture is extremely dynamic and we expect applicants to be similarly so. The team relishes on seemingly impossible technical problems and complex customers.
Work closely with Direct Sales and Field Channel Manager for large and complex accounts to educate prospective customers about the superiority of Akamai’s services. This includes conference calls, site visits, presentations, technical evaluations, technical objection handling, & follow up on all customer related issues.
Work closely with Professional Services, R&D and Product Management to be closely involved with future product direction and strategy – providing valuable input from “the field”.
Oversee the customer proposal process and ensuring that all technical information and recommendations address customer requirements.
Support and educate Account Management, Sales, Marketing and other internal departments to ensure that customers get appropriate upgrades or event-oriented solutions.
Help recruit, hire, and train new Technical Consultants as the company continues its rapid growth and expansion.


Basic Qualifications
Bachelors Degree in Engineering or Computer Science
Japanese- Native, English (written and spoken) - Business level
Detailed knowledge across the spectrum of Internet technologies
Excellent business writing, communication, and presentation skills
5+ years of experience in IT related pre-sales
Desire and ability to provide leadership to a rapidly expanding team
Proven analytical abilities and a strong work ethic
Willingness to travel to customer sites within Japan up to ~50% of the time as needed
Consultative attitude to customer engagements
Methodical approach to problem solving
Ability to prioritize workload and manage customer expectations directly or as part of a team
Passionate attitude to internal collaboration and communication
Commitment to self-improvement and education

Desired Qualifications
Experience of working within a target vertical market (with Named Account references)
Prior exposure to working within a Global team, or for Japanese arm of US parent company
Prior experience in the Web Architecture, Applications design, testing/optimization
Previous experience of working with 3rd-Party integrators/organizations on joint initiatives/projects













アカマイ・テクノロジーズ合同会社 (Akamai Technologies GK)




(1) Web コンテンツの配信およびトラフィック管理サービス
(2) ストリーミングメディアの配信およびトラフィック管理サービス
(3) Web アプリケーションの配信およびトラフック管理サービス
(4) Web セキュリティソリューションサービス
(5) 上記サービス導入に関連するコンサルティングサービス


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