Security Technical Project Manager

アカマイ・テクノロジーズ合同会社 (Akamai Technologies GK)



  • セキュリティコンサルタント
  • プロジェクトマネジャー(Web・オープン系)



About the Job
Technical Project Managers are part of the Akamai Professional Services team and work directly with clients to deliver Akamai's solutions. You will be involved with projects from design through implementation, testing and customer sign-off. You will work independently or within a small technical team in delivering the appropriate solution to Akamai's enterprise customers. You will plan, implement, test, and deploy Akamai platform configurations to integrate with customer web sites, develop and execute test cases and scripts for customer solutions. You will participate in internal projects that help scale the group, implement best practices, and improve our methodology and quality of integrations.

About the Team
Recognizing that an organization’s approach to its Internet initiatives is developed long before implementation and is an on-going exercise long after go-live, Akamai Professional Services offers consulting services that address all phases of a customer’s Internet strategy.
Akamai’s Professional Services team calls upon its Internet expertise to architect the optimal solution for the unique business and technical requirements of our customers. Through its proven methodologies and processes, this highly experienced team of consultants has implemented effective solutions for over 2,000 Akamai customers.

* Involvement in full customer life-cycle, from pre-sales, through implementation to post-implementation support.
* Interact with sales team and the customer during the pre-sales cycle to provide implementation scope and estimates, create proposals and Statements of Work, and conduct trials.
* Own customer implementation projects, including providing full project management, creation and maintenance of implementation documentation and tracking timelines and deliverables.
* Perform basic technical implementation tasks, such as customer configuration updates.
* Provide technical ownership of long-term customer relationships.
* Work closely with Engagement Managers, Solutions Engineering, Sales, Engineering, Product Development and Customer Care to resolve issues that arise during customer trials or integrations.
* Identify new product features and additional sales opportunities during trials and integrations and communicate to product development and engineering teams.
* Participate in internal projects that help scale the group, implement best practices, and improve methodology.
* Must be willing to travel 10%.


Basic Qualifications
* Japanese- Native, English- Business
* Bachelor’s Degree in CS/MIS or relevant technical field experience.
* Minimum 8+ years of related professional work experience.
* Minimum 5+ years of project lead or project management experience working on and managing enterprise scale projects.
* Minimum 5+ years of experience in technical consulting, and/or other customer facing role consulting on, delivering technical products or services.
* Minimum 3+ years of experience in Internet technologies, standards and protocols, including DNS, HTTP/HTTPS, Web architecture and design.

Desired Qualifications
* Masters Degree in MIS/CS a plus.
* PMP or Big 5 experience a plus.
* Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills.
* Enthusiastic, action oriented, capable of independently solving complex technical problems and able to communicate clearly and effectively to both technical and business audiences.
* Possess excellent technical aptitude and a desire to learn constantly.
* Implementation experience with web delivery technologies or other IT systems delivery.
* Experience in one or more web development languages, methodologies, and/or architectures - J2EE, HTTP, DNS, .NET, C#, JSP, ASP, Tomcat, Apache.
* Working knowledge of the full software development technologies including J2EE/Java, .NET, open source tools and various component models (CORBA, COM, Java Beans).
* Experience developing and driving Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategies within large enterprises.
* Experience with the impacts of Content Delivery and Distributed Computing within business and technical organizations.
* General exposure to security technologies, processes, and concepts such as PKI, SSL, firewalls, NIST 800-53, FIPS-140-2, Authentication & Authorization, Client Certificates, OCSP, etc. a plus.
* Experience with data processing, Real Time Reporting and Analytics a plus.
* Proven track record of successfully delivering projects for Fortune 500 customers.













アカマイ・テクノロジーズ合同会社 (Akamai Technologies GK)




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(4) Web セキュリティソリューションサービス
(5) 上記サービス導入に関連するコンサルティングサービス


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