Consumer Marketing Analytics Manager or Analyst




  • 企画、マーケティング、宣伝、MD、バイヤー
  • 市場調査、分析



Looking for a Marketing Analytics Manager or Analyst

Business Analytics:

* Develop KPIs and dashboards; automate regular tracking reports and dashboards.

* Conduct ad-hoc analyses to support business for sales, cross-sell, up-sell, and retention. Take various sources of data and condense it down to a coherent story with clear conclusions and actionable insights.

* Act as a strategic partner and influencer with wide cross functional team of business partners, operating companies, Science Team, data architect, and IT team.

Customer Analytics:

* Develop customer profiling and customer segmentation, to improve knowledge of customer profiles and behaviors, define and validate market focus and target segments, and identify business opportunities and priorities.

* Develop in-depth customer analysis using advanced statistical methods to discover insights and correlations of channels, products & customers; to support the development of marketing strategies and initiatives to improve customer engagement and business profitability.

Analytics of Leads & Campaign Management:

* Develop measurement plan/processes including A/B testing, multivariate testing, and experimental design to evaluate performance of marketing activities and executions.

Marketing Database & Analytic Environment:

* Collaborate with IT team to design & develop the logical model of customer centric database.

* Manage dataset creation and data quality control processes for reports, analytics model development and validation.

* Identify new/ or external data source which will enhance understanding of customer’s profile, behavior, and insurance journey; work with third-parties to incorporate new data sources.

* Manage Marketing Analytics Environment which includes Oracle server, analytics sandbox, data visualization tool (Tableau or QlickView), and other analytics tools (such as ArcGIs).

* Continually research and improve new methods and technologies in the analytics and visualization space. Apply learnings to what has been built.


Must Have:

* 5+ years of experience with advanced programing using SAS (and SQL) for large, complex, and unstructured datasets, preferably in financial industry (e.g., retail banking or credit card).

* Strong technical skills using Excel VBA, MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, and Tableau (or QlickView).

* Able to perform quantitative analysis with advanced statistical modeling and predictive modeling techniques.

* Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Japanese.

* Must be a highly collaborative team player with high integrity and strong work ethic. Able to build partnership with strong organizational skills.

* Able to work independently, self-starter, and comfortable with ambiguity.

* Able to prioritize and work effectively in a fast moving, ever changing environment.

Strong Plus:

* Programming skills with R or Python. Hands-on experience with ArcGIs.

* Must be able to communicate analysis results with confidence and point of view to senior management, and communicate effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences.

* Strive for creativity, out of the box thinking, and experimentation in work and projects.

* Knowledge in Data Warehouse Relational Database design, administration and maintenance. Data model design expertise is a strong plus.












Business-level English and Fluent Japanese







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